Sunday, December 18, 2011

Little Bellas Chequamegon Catch Up

When my blog was traveling around the depths of the internet, our Little Bellas Chequamegon Camp happened this past September.  I wanted to share with you the post on it.

The Little Bellas logged another successful and fun camp at the Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival.  The majority of our campers were returnees and it was great to see how much everyone had improved over the course of one year.  All of our campers were strong riders so we rode A LOT of technical Wisconsin singletrack.  We rode out to the cabin every day and sometimes continued onto more trail afterwards.  The girls summited Mt. Telemark more than once and were rewarded with a expansive view of Wisconsin and some solid singletrack descents. It was a real treat to get to shred the trails with all of these Wisconsin rippers.  They know how to grow them tough in the midwest.

We threw in our classic Little Bellas skills games for good measure.  We played dab to work on balance and maneuvering and bike limbo to focus on varying body positions on the bike.

 Joanna Petterson, gravity world cup racers, and Lea Davison, Little Bellas founder and XC world cup racer, both returned for the second year in a row to run the camp.  This year, they were very lucky to be joined by one of our most loved mentors from Vermont, Sarah Schreib.  Lea raced the Chequamegon 40 and, spurred on by the Little Bellas face paint and banners, she won and set a new course record.

Sunday Funday was a bit cold and rainy this year (think 35 degrees and raining) so the Little Bellas crew had to heat things up.  Lead by Sarah, we all donned orange capes and competed in the Sunday Funday activities.  Sarah even tested her cape in the Crit Cross race.

A huge thank you goes out to all of our Chequamegon Little Bellas sponsors and supporters that make this camp not only a reality but a raging success.  A big thank you to Becker Law Firm for the support, the Chequamegon king, Gary Crandall and all of the countless Chequamegon volunteers and crew that helped us throughout the weekend.  Thanks to New Moon Ski and Bike Shop for putting our mentors on sweet Specialized bikes for the weekend and for dialing in Lea’s Specialized Fate  for the big 40 win.  Thank you to Cresthill Resort for putting a wonderful roof over our head and for the incredible view of the lake.  And, last but not least, thank you so much to the consistent support from Specialized/First Gear, G-Form, and Clif Bar.