Sunday, January 29, 2012

New England Ski Adventures

 Skiing in Sabe's backyard with Sabe and our friend Michela

For the past two weekends, my sister and I have journeyed around New England for ski adventures.  Last weekend, I went to the White Mountain Classic 30k with Sabe and the VTXC crew to cheer them on.  It was fun to be a spectator and (wo)man the the feed zone for once.  It's not easy to hand off anything with poles in the racer's hands.  It definitely takes some finessing on the skiers part.  The Jackson trail network is extensive and has some phenomenal skiing.  It was a blast to do a longer ski on different terrain.  The culinary highlight of the weekend was visiting the cupcakery in where one of my life long dreams was fulfilled.  I ate a maple, bacon cupcake.  It was as good as the sum of all its parts.  Delicious. 
The cupcake before it was devoured
 Mary and Sabe at the start of  the White Mountain Classic
  White Mountain Classic Line Up
This weekend, the Davison lady clan (my mom, sister, and I) went up to Bethel, Maine for the NENSA Women's Ski Day.  This ladies weekend was a birthday and Christmas present from my sister, Sabe, to my mom, and I was so happy that I was around to complete the Davison Triumverate.  The only thing missing from the weekend was the third generation, my GMA, but, at ninety years old, I'm not quite sure cross country skiing is her thing.  Dessert is more of her specialty. 

The weekend was absolutely glorious.  It started out with a bluebird day at Trapps in Stowe, VT where the skiing was good.  I'll repeat that.  The skiing was good.  We had one inch of rain fall on Friday so I was completely shocked to be able to get in a two hour skate ski in great conditions on forty kilometers of their terrain.  My mom and sister climbed up to the cabin while I hammered away.  Then, we zoomed off to Bethel.

Today was another bluebird, absolutely incredible day of skiing.  I skied for three hours chock full of V2 glory in the sunshine.  I literally had forgotten what that bright thing was in the sky.  The Bethel trails are primarily flat and on a golf course so it was a nice change to the constant one hour climbs and two minute descents at Trapps (and that time break up is no exaggeration).  My sister was part of the crew of volunteer coaches for the ski day and my mom took the clinic.  There were two hundred women skiing around and working on their technique with coaches with some serious fire power.  It was pretty much the creme de la creme of the women's new england nordic ski world including two Olympians, the founder of the Dartmouth women's ski team, and handfuls of top collegiate skiers.  I was completely impressed with the event and it was a blast to see that many women on skis.  I really want to get that many women on bikes at once.  It would be a dream come true. 
 A view of the World Longest Candy Counter.  That's me in the back round getting down to business

The weekend trip was complete with a side trip in Littleton, New Hampshire to the world largest candy counter.  This is one of my most favorite places on earth. They literally have any type of candy you could think of including gummies shaped as fried eggs and pumpkin malt balls.  No joke.

I'm soaking up the last bit of winter while I can.  I leave in a week for Santa Cruz to get on the bike.  I'm honestly going to be sad to leave the snow.  It's one of my favorite times, but I'm capping off the winter training block in good fashion with the Lake Placid Loppet on Saturday.  Think snow and fast skis for me!

Thanks for reading!