Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Winter Rhythm

I have now been home for an unprecedented three weeks and I'm really starting to get into great training rhythm.  This is the time of the season when my days seem packed with training.  This prep phase is almost more consuming than the typical race and recover rhythm of the season, but I am completely enjoying it.  I skate ski for two to three hours trying to stay on my sister's heels, eat, strength train, and eat again. There's generally just a lot of eating and working out.  It's been a treat to be able to train with my sister, Sabe.  Nordic ski racing is her thing and her guns are about the size of my quads so she is definitely a force to be reckoned with.  She pushes me, to say the least.  If there's a double pole section, there's no hope for these cycling arms.  I'm going to be staying in Vermont at least to the end of January and competing in a couple of 50k's and loppets.  I'm very pumped.  If you couldn't tell already, I love snow.  It's so important for my brain and my body to be able to switch it up and hammer in Vermont's winter wonderland.   And, even better news, Vermont just got a snow storm so we actually have snow to play in.  Below, my sister 'farms the fresh' right outside of her back door.  We are lucky.

 Trapp Family Lodge at the end of a cold, long day of skiing (zero degrees in this photo)

There were a lot of birthdays this month.  My grandmother turned ninety!  My sister poses with her and her cake masterpiece

 Happy Mom Birthday!  It was today!

 On the eve of the snow storm.  Keep it coming!

Get outside and play!  Think Snow!