Sunday, May 6, 2012

Little Bellas Sea Otter photos and a little Vermont time

I have returned back home to Vermont to unwind a bit after the spring's hectic race and travel schedule.  I also am tuning up for the last two Olympic qualifying world cups held in Nova Mesto Na Morave, Czech Republic and La Bresse, France for the next two weekends.  It's been an awesome little training block and it was been restful and fantastic to be home.  Of course, in true Vermont form, I was greeted on my first two days with snow.  The green, budding fields against the snow capped Mount Mansfield made for stunning scenery.  I had to literally make myself not stop and take so many photos of Vermont and the mountains.  It was a very appropriate welcome home.  I also put in a great build motorpacing with my coach, Andy Bishop.  The highlight training day was a two and a half hour motorpace (drafting off of a scooter while he controls the speed, Read: HARD) on a new loop right next to Lake Champlain.  We even went over a covered bridge.  I was really being treated to the iconic Vermont experience.  To complete the experience, I should have been taking maple syrup feeds.  I'm feeling great and I'm very excited for these upcoming races and opportunities.  Czech Republic was my break out world cup result last year.  I love that course.  I've never been to La Bresse, France, but it's going to be fun to explore a new place.

Last but not least, my sister and I went to a Cinco de Mayo bbq this weekend where we scored a windsurfing set up out of the dumpster.  We are beyond excited.  I have literally been looking for windsurfing equipment for ten years, and, all of the sudden, we are proud new owners of some slightly smelly equipment.  Yes! It was the best party ever!

Here are some more gems from our Little Bellas Sea Otter Camp:
 One handed Dab!
 Pros Natalie Schneider, Georgia Gould, and myself duke it out during Wahh
 Little Bellas cheering for the pro women at the Sea Otter Short Track
 Sabe fixing a Little Bellas Bike
My sister and co-founder, Sabe, and I having a chat during Little Bellas