Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olympic Fever

I am completely consumed by the Olympics.  I've been glued to the tv ever since they have begun.  It's hard to believe that I'm actually going over there and competing in the Olympics.  It seems surreal.  In the build up to the games, I've had a phenomenal training block at home in Vermont.  I've been doing lots of motorpacing with my coach, Andy, and racing lots of weekly Wednesday Night races at Catamount.  I've felt fantastic, I feel prepared, and I'm ready to get over there and let it rip. I leave for a training camp in Germany on Tuesday, and then, after that, arrive in London on Monday, August 6th.

 An incredible show of Little Bellas Olympic enthusiasm.  I am bringing each and every one of these with me to London (there are 28 to be exact)
Throughout this entire process, I'm just absolutely blown away by the support I've received from my family and friends, Vermont, the mountain bike community, the Little Bellas, and the country.  It just reminds me that it truly takes a village to get to this point....and a lot of hard work not just from me, but everyone around me. I can't even begin to name everyone who has had an influence in this dream coming true, but I can name some of the key players.  I wouldn't be here without my family who have provided relentless support in so many ways.  My mom is the loudest cheerleader out there and my dad just built me a jump in the backyard to practice taking the 'a' lines.  My sister, Sabe, is the best training partner ever.  She is fast and has pushed me past my limits.  Jojo, my girlfriend, is a rock and keeps my laughing and smiling though it all.  My coach, Andy Bishop, provided the blueprint for this dream, and I provided the pedal strokes.  Bill Knowles, Vermont Orthopedic Clinic, and iSport are the reason I came back from hip surgery and the 2010 season on the couch much stronger.  Bill Knowles gave me quads and power. Specialized provides me the fastest bikes in the world and fantastic race support.  They gambled, took me on board after a season off, and I appreciate that immensely.  In The Arena has been a bedrock of support allowing me to go for this dream while simultaneously empower girls through cycling with the Little Bellas.

 A shining example of amazing support: a fashion show of banners my mom made.  From left to right: jojo, Katie, Sabe, my mom (Lucia)
I wouldn't be anywhere near where I am without my coach!  We are celebrating the night I got named to the Olympic team (l to r: Daria Bishop, Baxter Bishop, Sabe, me, Andy, Yeti, and jojo)
 My mom is famous for her amazing cake! Here's what greeted jojo and I on our return from the Olympic qualifying world cups
 Olympic support pouring in from everywhere.  My Aunt, Uncle, and cousins sent me the tastiest congratulations for making the Olympic team
My neighbors got me an Olympic ring cake.  They are awesome!
 Practicing on the jump in the back yard.  My dad rules!

Thank you thank you thank to everyone!  This has been an amazing experience already and I haven't even arrived in London yet.  I am so excited.