Monday, December 3, 2012


 Look at this swell that rolled into Kauai on Friday!  Huge. 
 Checking out the double overhead waves
The view from our temporary home.  Life is good. 

Jojo and I finished up a little vacation on The Big Island, and we island hopped our way back to Kauai. This trip has lined up amazingly well.  We are staying at one of the most beautiful spots I've ever experienced on the island.  We can walk ten feet out the door to check the waves or continue walking about another four hundred feet to the beach and the bike path.  We are a short bike ride away from town.  It's been incredible.  I love starting the day by jumping in the ocean. The generosity has been overwhelming to say the least.

I'm getting back into training in this nice island weather.  Before I left Vermont, I had a motivating meeting, as always, with Bill Knowles from iSport.  We are changing up the strength routine this year to keep things new and exciting.  I am completely pumped about the plan.  He has me doing some innovative moves in the water.  I'm way too scared to be in the ocean NOT floating on a surfboard so I've been going to the public pool to get it done.  This pool is practically like being in the ocean it's so close.  A crab was even hanging in the bottom of the pool. I've been accidentally timing my workouts at the same time the high school swim team is rolling up for practice.  I've gotten some weird looks with my workout equipment but never to this extent.  It comes with the territory and is well worth the effort.

This past weekend was jam packed with fun.  We went to my favorite spot not the island, Hanalei Bay.  We went to  the monthly surf swap and drooled over the hundreds of used boards for sale.  I shouldn't be allowed within one hundred feet of this event.  It's my achilles heel.  I keep buying surf boards that I want to be able to surf, but I don't quite have the ability to yet.  After the swap,  Jojo and I went out back in Hanalei Bay to check out our boards.  Jojo did more of the surfing and I did more of the watching since there were huge waves rolling in.  Three sea turtles popped their heads up to say hello.  Then, we rushed back to town to help Jojo's family make Gyros for the monthly art walk in Kapaa.  It was good to dip my toes in the food business since I like food so much.  Jojo, Charlie, and I hustled all night long and sold eighty Gyros in the matter of two hours.  I was working the cash register and talking to people.  It was a blast. People on the island loved Greek food.

I can officially say I have decompressed from all of the excitement from the season and psyched to get back to training for 2013.

Happy Holidays!
 While on the Big Island, jojo and I journeyed to Volcano National Park.  This was the stunning view of the Volcano! It was unfortunately a bit foggy that day
 Standing inside a lava tube.  This was filled with Lava at one point.  Crazy
 Steam Vents at Volcano National Park
 Jojo getting ready for some sushi.  Make your own roll in Kona. Yum
 I'm so happy they could park my boat so close to the shore

 Another view from our new abode on Kauai.  It never gets old. 
 Jojo's dad, Charlie, getting ready to sell some Gyros at the art walk. I helped with this venture.  We sold eighty Gyros on Saturday night.