Sunday, June 2, 2013

Little Bellas Beti Bike Bash Camp

Our Beti Bike Bash camp is off and running at a very fast pace.  With thirty Little Bellas coming out for the weekend, this is ranking as one of the most successful national camps yet.  Yesterday, the bellas got the chance to ride with our fantastic group of traveling mentors who flew out from Vermont just to spread the Little Bellas impact to Colorado.  Sarah Schreib, a former pro road racer and older group mentor, Mary Stewart, VTXC nordic ski racer, and Mary Tracy, our Little Bellas mentor stronghold, all made the journey.  These Vermont mentors are joined by Olympic biathlete, Haley Stewart, who has been instrumental in finding the perfect candidates for our Little Bellas camp scholarships provided by Anthem. Stans-No Tubes racer, Kaila Hart, was on hand to ride with the girls and give a flat tire changing clinic.  BMC junior racer, Ksenia Lepikhina, was also there to give some guidance to these aspiring Little Bellas. Little Bellas director, Sabra Davison, is leading the entire effort, and Julia, part of the Beti Bike Bash inner workings, is there to give crucial local knowledge and stoke to the girls.
Look at the determination and joy on the face of Miss. Cheetah helmet on the left. I love it. 

Today is Day 2 of the camp and what an exciting day it is.  The Little Bellas will get the opportunity to become friends with local pros; London Olympic Bronze Medalist, Georgia Gould, former U.S national Champion Heather Irmiger, world cup racer Judy Freeman, and other elite women at the lemonade social.  There are over seventy girls signed up for the Little Bellas under-14 race.  I’m going to repeat this just so it sinks in, there are seventy younger girls toeing the mountain bike start line today. This number is completely blowing me away, and it is most definitely setting a new benchmark for women’s mountain biking.  It proves that this movement is not only alive but thriving.   We have obviously hit a female mountain biking hot spot in Colorado and are completely enjoying stoking the fire.  A big thank you to Beti Bike Bash for creating this much needed opportunity and having the vision to put on an all female mountain bike race.  A huge thank you to our sponsors for making one of our Little Bellas dreams come true, to get more women on the start line.  This image of seventy girls at a race is something we’ve been striving for for years.  Thank you Specialized and G-Form for making this a reality.  Thank you Anthem for providing unique and necessary opportunities for girls to fall in love with mountain biking and healthy lifestyles.  Thank you to Primal for making stellar jerseys and creating a way for the Little Bellas to feel like they are part of a team.  A  big shout out to Clif Bar for keeping the girls fueled with the oh so addicting Clif Kids ropes and bars and to Skratch Labs for hydrating the Little Bellas so they can go shred single track at their best.  Thank you to Whole Foods who donated delicious and healthy lunches for the entire Little Bellas contingent both days of the camp.
Thank you to Matt Young for providing us with stellar images of day 1.