Sunday, January 12, 2014

2014 Little Bellas

I'm officially declaring 2014 the year of Little Bellas.  The Little Bellas already stormed into 2014 with our annual mentor holiday party and yankee swap last night.  It was so much fun.  There was some festive attire including a oversize sweater vest with snowmen on it and lots of amazing re-gifts into the yankee swap.  I think the best gift of the swap was the sweater shaver that literally shaves the pill off of sweaters.  I determined the only place to purchase that is SkyMall, and I didn't even know such a thing existed.  You learn something new everyday.  The popular items that maxed out their swaps were, the headlamp, the ceramic berry bowl, and a four pack of heady topper.  I didn't end up with any of those items, unfortunately, but I did walk home with a skin care kit called vibrant.  I'm looking forward to my vibrant skin in the new year.

We have such a great crew of women that make up this program.  We are lucky.  Last night, we also took the opportunity to fill everyone in on the many new developments with the program.  The most exciting being that we are starting two new Sunday sessions in Colorado and California.  These programs will continue the momentum generated from our Beti Bike Bash and Sea Otter weekend camps and create a space for that new enthusiasm to grow.  These Sunday sessions are modeled directed after our original program in Vermont, and the girls will meet eight sessions throughout the spring and summer.  For our Colorado Little Bellas chapter, we are collaborating with the Amy D Foundation, and we are creating this program in her name.  We aim to make something that she would really be proud of.

If that wasn't enough, our new and very improved website is under heavy construction, and we plan to launch it in 2014.  This website will be a tool to broaden our reach and deepen our impact, and this is something I am really looking forward it.  It's going to create opportunities.  We are also applying for our own 501c3 nonprofit status and putting together a board of directors.  Looking forward, we are so thrilled to be our own entity and have a broader perspective and guidance with our new board.

The new year is going to be busy and absolutely fantastic.  We are proud to be taking some big steps as an organization, and it's going to be lead to more girls on bikes.  That's the goal.

Onwards and upwards,

P.S I couldn't be more excited to watch the Winter Olympics and to cheer on my fellow ITAers in the Olympics.  Some are still aiming to get a berth on the team.  Good good good luck!