Sunday, February 23, 2014

2012 Olympic Photos

The 2014 Sochi Olympics has gotten me thinking a lot about my Olympic experience, and I realized I've hadn't shared a lot of my photos from the Olympics.  So here it goes!
 The view of the Olympic village from our room

 Flags outside of the dining hall in the village
 This is what the dining hall looks like.  It is huge and has every type of food you could ever imagine.  It's really a foodie's dream come true
 Specialized Fate with the special electric Olympic paint job
 This is literally what the road to the Olympics looks like
 Georgia wins bronze!  What an amazing day!
 We are both happy about having a medal for US mountain biking!
 Team USA house.  Every athlete that wins a medal goes here to celebrate.  They are honored up on stage and give an honorary medal to their coach
 Thanks Mom and Dad for being a big part of why I made it to the Olympics
 Celebrating that bronze at the USA house
 At every Olympics, P&G creates a house where there's food and it's a great place to meet up with family.  They also have a salon there where you can get your hair done and a total makeover.  It's in the salon where Missy Franklin and I realized we were twinsies
 The P&G house has a board where friends and family can write words of encouragement.

 This is what my mom wrote on 'thank you mom' wall

 Jojo sampling all different cuisines in the athlete's village dining hall.  It's so hard to decide what to eat!
 Just a fraction of the choices in the dining hall
 Yes, it's true.  There is a McDonald's in the athletes village

 This is a delicious doughnut.  I don't know what country it's from and I haven't had anything like it since
 Team USA keeps track of the medals in the USA lodging office.  Just on normal printed out sheets of paper…I would expect it would be more official than that
 Jojo and I get mad ups to touch the Olympic rings
 Sculpture in the athlete's village

 Even the rings were in the London train station
 London airport built a separate departure terminal for the athletes.  This guy was there to send us off
 There was also a classic London phone booth
 This was the athlete's Olympic memory tree.  I wrote my best memory of the games was walking into the Olympic stadium for the closing ceremonies
 This is what hometown support looks like.  The Snowflake Chocolates ladies cheering me on
This is all of the Olympic clothing laid out.  Amazing.