Sunday, February 9, 2014

Every Setback is Another Chance for a Comeback

Every setback is just another chance for a comeback.  These are words taken straight from the many inspirational Olympic commercials flooding the airwaves these days, and these couldn't have come at a better time.  I'm living these words right now, and I'm soaking up as much Olympic motivation, energy, and inspiration as I can.

I had hip surgery approximately two weeks ago to fix a torn labrum.  This is exactly the same injury and surgery I had in 2010 except it's on my right side instead of my left.  My right hip starting hurting with a familiar stabbing pain right around Christmas when I was on Kauai.  I rushed home back to the Vermont Orthopedic Clinic to try and diagnosis what was going on.  My doctor thought I had irritated the hip and had an inflamed bursae.  I took a course of heavy anti-inflammatories to hopefully solve the problem, and all I could do was wait and see.  Being in limbo and not knowing is the hardest.  I do way better with a plan to follow.  I've never wished so much for bursitis in my entire life.  It's amazing how quickly our standards change.  The pain was still there, and, because of this, I had an MRI to really see what was going on.  It showed I tore the cartilage in my hip which I still really can't believe happened.  I was really lucky to be scheduled for surgery a week and a half later since time is of the essence.

So, here I am.  I'm rehabbing full time everyday.  The majority of my time and effort these days goes towards making my hip better; better range of motion, reducing swelling, getting stronger, and firing up the muscles.  Moving through this process happily takes a huge expectation and goal shift.  I had to transition from doing big strength moves envisioning world cup podiums to swinging my leg back and forth six inches in 4D bands to promote range of motion.  I transitioned from sprinting uphill dripping in sweat to spending an hour progressing to walking normally.  I move from clicking into my pedals to clicking around on crutches.

Looking on the brighter side, I know I can come back from this injury because I've done it before.  Having experience with this, I know more of what to expect, and I have the best support crew assembled around me.  I'm working with athletic trainer, Bill Knowles of HPsport, every step of the way.  Tyler White of iSport is helping me as well.  Jojo has been the rock through this helping me with absolutely everything.  She shuffles ice, cooks amazing meals, and even spots me on some sleepy, wobbly crutching in the middle of the night.  My Dad is key through the recovery because he's been driving me to all of these important appointments.  My family and friends have shown support in some many ways, especially in the form of chocolate. Specialized has my back through this injury and comeback as well as Oakley.  For that, I am extremely grateful.  If I gained anything from the tragedy this fall, it was the perspective to say an injury like this is just a bump in the road.  I'll come back even more happy and grateful to be riding my bike.  Every setback is a chance for a comeback, and I'm working hard to comeback strong from this one.

Thanks for all of the support.