Sunday, June 15, 2014

I'm a lucky ducky

This is what color day looks like through Little Bella's eyes.  GoPro on board with a Little Bella. 

The last month has been full of absolute awesomeness.  The reigns have gradually been cut loose, and I've been able to really start training back in full on the bike.  It's been such a measured process that today during my road ride, it really dawned on me that I am back.  I completed a three and a half hour road ride up App Gap with five minute threshold efforts. This is back to normal training.  Plus, I was riding through gorgeous Vermont valley with lush green hills rolling on either side and the sun was shining.  The ride was just chock full of gratitude.  I am really lucky to be able to do what I do.   Don't get me wrong, comebacks are not for the faint of heart, but, when everything finally clicks, if even for a moment, it's just the sweetest feeling in the world.

There's been a lot of other stuff happening during this time as well.  The stories are really told best in images.  I really made the most of my last days in Santa Cruz by stand up paddle boarding as much as I could.  I even mastered carrying the board by myself down to the ocean.  This board is twelve feet and six inches long so it's really not an easy task.  I went on my first mountain bike ride and feel completely, utterly, and madly in love with single track all over again.  I rode with a great crew of ladies out of Mike's Bikes in Los Gatos, California for the Specialized women's ride day.  I traveled back home to the east coast and stopped in Boston on the way to speak on an Olympic panel for a W.I.S.E nonprofit event.  I got to met Dara Torres, and we share the same strength trainer, Bill Knowles.  We had a great time chatting, and it was a fun event.  Last, but not least, the Little Bellas Vermont Sunday sessions just had color day.  This is my favorite day of all, and Vermont was crazy.  These are the numbers from today; forty five Little Bellas, twenty mentors, and fourteen pounds of color powder.  I'll let the images do the most of the talking, but let's just say I got charged by the youngest group because they thought I looked too clean.  My white sports bra will never look the same (and think, that's under a layer of clothing), and I love it because I will think of Vermont color day every time I wear it.

 Specialized Women's Ride Day selfie
 The woman who singlehandedly orchestrates the In The Arena operation and, therefore, impacts many little lives.  Thanks Amory for showing the flag at the Boston W.I.S.E event
 Olympic rower, Gevvie Stone, and I at the event.  Hope to see you in Rio, Gevvie!
 Women's Ride Day chat about Little Bellas

 A post Little Bellas color day shot taken with a GoPro
 My attack included lots of color power, ballon tape, and charlie the shark. 
 When I say color day is one of my favorite days on earth, I'm being serious
 My sister, Sabe, and I spoke at local Specialized dealer, SkiRack, about the Little Bellas and the Olympics at Ladies night
 We also gave away free stuff to anyone who could guess how many eggs I eat a day
 The Olympic Panel and the W.I.S.E board
This view doesn't look spectacular but it's really the best view ever because it's my first this season.  It's my first climb where I could see surrounding ridges and peaks in Santa Cruz.  Psyched.