Sunday, November 2, 2014

Where do you live?

Lake Tahoe
I just barely wrapped up my month long California tour.  Sabe's host family in California (otherwise known as Sabe's California family) took both of us up to Downieville for the day.  That's right, I finally got to ride the legendary Downieville, and it was as fun, amazing, and epic as everyone talks about.  I had no idea, but it's just about an hour drive from Tahoe.  Downieville has been hosting an 'all mountain' race for years, and it was arguably one of the first 'Enduros' around in the states.  With all the talk, I've always pictured Downieville in my head as rocky, technical, wide open fire roads.  I was completely wrong in what I envisioned.  We climbed for about an hour and a half on a wide open fire road with amazing views of the surrounding peaks.  This was the only thing that was remotely close to what was in my head.  Then, we dove into the most gorgeous, redwood forest on some incredible singletrack and descended, and descended, and keep descending.  This was the longest descent of my entire cycling career and one of the best.  Once we descended down to the second half of the downhill, the trail is positioned perilously on the edge of a beautiful canyon.  This was exposed trail.  I can only imagine what it's like to race on that trail seeing as riding it was making me dizzy.  The ride totaled five hours of incredible mountain biking, and one of the best rides of my life.  

After the Downieville adventure, I headed down south to meet up with Jojo for a couple of days in Santa Cruz.  We were mostly focused on liquidating her storage unit.  Take notice, asking a professional cyclists or bike tour guide where home is one of the hardest questions to throw out there.  Most of these nomads can better answer the question, 'where do you have a storage unit?'  If jojo and I go by where our stuff is located, we have three lovely 'homes'; Vermont, Kauai, and Santa Cruz.  This 'living out of a bag, storage unit lifestyle is sometime logistically challenging or a bit chaotic. But, we are the luckiest to have the opportunity to experience all of these amazing places.  And nothing made me feel more grateful than to be able to sneak in two sunset surfing sessions in between the storage unit haul out.  It was awesome to spend some time in Santa Cruz, and now I'm back 'home' in Vermont.  At this home, I actually get to unpack my bag and put my clothes in a closet.  It's a luxury.

The other good thing about being home is the opportunity to cook.  I took the kitchen by storm tonight and made Korean Bibimbap.  It was delicious.  It pretty much an asian version of my tower of power recipe I frequently use.  I stir fried a bunch of veggies and steak, piled it on top of rice, and topped it off with a fried egg and a red pepper paste sauce.  Head on over to my friend, Tayler Wile's blog, for the recipe.  Thanks for the inspiration Tayler.

I'm decompressing a bit and ramping up for our time on Kauai.

Happy Off Season!


 The Downieville Crew
 Riding with Sabe's California Sister
 Back in VT and riding with Mom and Dad.  Mom is attacking us
 Gorgeous Vermont Twilight
 A Little Bella wanted to dress up as me for Halloween, so I dressed up as her.  And then I went trick or treating with my 11 year old crew
It's candy trading time! 
 Who honestly gives out pretzels at Halloween?  

This is my version of Bibimbap