Monday, January 12, 2015

Staples…yea…we got that

 View from our studio
  Mountain Bike ride on Kolepa Ridge, Kauai

 Kona Sunset.  It never disappoints. 

Life is never boring.  A couple of days before Christmas, Jojo and I went surfing with our friend, Lauren.  I need to put 'surfing' in quotations for myself.  Both Jojo and Lauren are the real deal and went charging out in the decent waves at Kealia without a second thought.  Kealia is a beach break, and I find it like surfing in a washing machine.  It's not exactly the most relaxing activity.  On this particular day, I was frozen on the beach debating if I should go out or not.  Finally, after twenty minutes of standing up and sitting back down, I just said to myself, 'I just have to get over it and go for it'.  Turns out, I didn't necessarily need to go for it.  I got past the break and then kinda bobbed around for awhile enjoying the amazing water.  Then, again, I thought I should at least go for a wave and worked up the courage.  I remember catching it and trying to stand up.  Then, I fell and I was tumbling in the whitewash when my fin knocked me in the head.  I scrambled up out of the whitewash trying to get ahold of my board.  I was completely out of it since it wasn't as easy as it usually was.  I paddled to shore as quick as possible and knew I got whacked.  

Luckily, Jojo was on the beach, and I walked up and said, 'I really hit my head'.  The blood just came gushing out and down my chest.  My green sports bra turned red.  Heads bleed a lot.  The life guard was immediately there and wrapped gauze around my head.  I looked like a zombie vampire that crawled out of the ocean.  We drove five minutes up to the emergency room, and they stapled me right up.  I opted for no numbing because that is apparently more painful that the actual staples.  By the fourth staple, I was ready for the stapling to be over, and the doctor put two more in.  I slept for two whole days and nights.  I didn't look at any screens, didn't read anything, no movies, no working out, and no socializing.  This is the proper concussion protocol. One needs to give their brain a rest.  If one nails this recovery, especially in the first couple of days, the healing is vastly improved.  I took it easy in terms of working out for a week, but I felt pretty solid after those two days of complete rest.  I came around just in time for Christmas.  It was another reminder of how much gratitude I have for the ability to move and train.  Add use my brain into the mix, and life is really great. 

Our friends visited the island for two weeks so we had many adventures with them.  Jojo and I have been hitting the strength training hard.  I got my staples out just in time to ring in the New Year.  It's way better to start 2015 without metal in my head.  We are currently in Kona for a short Petterson family vacation complete with amazingly clear water, skies, and the best snorkeling I've ever experienced.  I wanted to ride up Mauna Kea, a mountain that peaks out at 14,000 feet from sea level, but it's snowing up there and I'm not prepared.  This peak is seemingly the hardest climb in the world.  It climbs for fifty miles, and now it has climbed to the top of my to do list.  Mauna Kea, I will be back.  

Hope everyone is starting 2015 off right. 


 I think Jojo got the right size gelato
 A little slice of paradise Jojo and I discovered
 There they are

 Ringing in the New Year on the beach!

 I went for the Strava Queen of the Mountain Title on the Waimea Canyon Climb (1.5 hr).  I got it back, and here is the crew celebrating at the lookout
 Sunset on the Na Pali Coast after an awesome hike
 Waimea Canyon View
 Pila'a Beach, Kauai
View from mountain biking on Kolepa Ridge