Sunday, May 17, 2015

Lucky Ducky

What a nice backdrop to prepare for the world cups, Mt. Mansfield and Smuggler's Notch

I've been spending the last two weeks completely submersed in world cup preparation.  I've been sprinting everywhere around Chittenden country fueled by gratitude and Vermont spring.  There's something about the fact that it smells like fresh flowers everywhere and everything is growing that really makes me appreciate that I get to ride my bike everyday for a living. It's beautiful out, and I am so gosh darn lucky.  It's been a ridiculously hard training block, and I really left it all out there.  This past week included the hardest motor pace that I've ever done.  When a eight one minute efforts shows up on the training schedule, it doesn't seem like too much. In reality, one minute of sprinting all out really takes a toll quickly.  This combined with mostly trying to hang onto the scooter in between sets with little recovery really was a challenge.  My legs fell off on Pleasant Valley road somewhere, and I'm pretty sure my heart and lungs are somewhere out there too.  The great thing about the hard training block is that I am finally coming into form after a slow ascent to fitness this spring.  It's phenomenal to finally be feeling better on the bike, and it's just in the nick of time since I leave for my first two world cups of the season tomorrow.  The world cup opener is in Nove Mesto na Morave, Czech Republic, and there's another race the following weekend in Albstadt, Germany.  I'm so excited to get over to europe, see all of my friends on the circuit, and start racing.  Nove Mesto is also one of my favorite course of all time.  I'm really excited.

In other news, Jojo, Sabe, and I have fit in some really fun activities off the bike other than eating and sleeping.  This is hard to believe that I was actually able to walk somewhere other than to the refrigerator, but I was able to make it happen.  We went foraging for wild onions or ramps one day and our friend led us to the ramp gold mine.  Literally, we picked two giant bags of ramps in about ten minutes.  This secret ramp enclave was amazing.   Also, my family and Jojo threw a great early birthday party tonight, and it was a blast.  I feel so lucky to have so many phenemonal people in my life.  I got to see some friends that I haven't connected with in awhile.  And, of course, somehow, there ended up being five different cakes at my party.  My friends know me really well.  This is how life should be, literally and metaphorically, filled with cake.

Thank you to everyone for your incredible support and friendship.  I am a lucky ducky.

Off to Europe tomorrow!  Woo hoo!


 The weather really cooperated for my birthday party! 
 I even got a chance to ride with my mom on my recovery ride
 These two.  Sabe and Jojo.  They are the best. 
 It's really hard to blow out candles on five cakes.  I had to do it in three breaths

Technique: Look ahead to the next candles you have to blow out