Sunday, January 24, 2016

Little Bellas L.L Bean Registration Event

 My game station partner in crime, Maddie

Maddie and I had a lot of fun today
Last year, on February 1st, our Vermont Little Bellas registration opened and all of our programs filled within ten minutes.  It was a similar experience to scoring concert tickets except, if you don't get concert tickets, you probably don't have a crying daughter to content with.  Maybe there's a Taylor Swift exception in there.  So, one of the Little Bellas goals in 2016 was to eliminate the stress and tears and create opportunities for every Little Bella that wanted to be a part of the program.  We simply couldn't stand turning away girls who wanted to ride mountain bikes anymore.  We created a whole new system that allowed parents to prioritize and rank our program offerings and various dates.  We were able to give families their first priority, we held a spot for their daughters, and the families had to show up at our registration event to claim their spot.  Our Little Bellas sponsor, L.L Bean, provided a great space for us to host our first registration event.  Sabe, Mary Tracy, our Vermont program lead, and Tracy, our new program support poistion, were on registration.  Maddie, who will be running all of our Vermont summer camps, and I were on games.  The Little Bellas had a choice of two games, Charades or a L.L Bean in store scavenger hunt.  Everyone, even parents, needed to complete one to get a prize, Little Bellas temporary tattoos or a L.L Bean poster of me and In the Arena alum, Torin Koos.  Most of the Charades, Maddie and I acted out.  They were L.L Bean adventure themed, and, it's official, crust cruising and camping are not easy to act out.  I had to lay on the floor of L.L Bean several times to pretend I was setting up my sleeping bag for the night.  Some of the parents and even little bellas took turns acting out charades.  With the scavenger hunt, the girls found a photo of U.S ski teamer, Kikkan Randall, in the store, and told us their favorite color down coat.  They also discovered the warmest coat that L.L Bean makes.  The last stop on the scavenger hunt was taking a goofy photo with me.  It was so much fun.  We were so psyched to be able to bring a sliver of our program into the L.L Bean store.  We are lucky to have such a great support network surrounding Little Bellas enabling us to get the next generation on mountain bikes.

Here's to more silly faces in 2016.


 Little Bellas free form drawing on the back of the scavenger hunt sheet
 Sabe making registration happen

 Scavenger hunt time!