Monday, February 22, 2016

Santa Cruz Training Block

Due to a lack of winter in Vermont, my usual pilgrimage to the west coast began a little bit sooner than usual.  I came to Santa Cruz two weeks ago to get out of a Vermont winter that couldn't make up its mind and get in the sunshine.  So far, it's been awesome.  I've been able to get some amazing miles in warm temperatures.  With the longer, endurance rides on the training schedule, I have ridden some new routes around Santa Cruz and discovered the magical Big Basin road.  This road winds through the biggest redwoods I have ever encountered and it was mind blowing. After riding this road once, it then became my mission to incorporate this road into as many rides as possible.  I was able to squeeze it into a longer five hour ride and ride the entire road.  It was awesome.

The fun just keeps happening.  I went to Morgan Hill to the Specialized Headquarters to pick up my new mountain bike for the season and ride on the infamously fast lunch ride.  It was a very hard first effort of the season.  I reconnected and rode with a handful of friends in the area and headed up to my teammate, Kate Courtney's, house in Marin this past weekend with some friends.  We put in big hours and smiled the entire time.  Generally, I am training, eating a lot, and training some more. There's not much time for much else.  It's been a lot of hours, and I'm really putting in a lot of hard work.  But, the most important thing is that it's been really fun and enjoyable.  Thank goodness I'm surrounded by good friends and have good ride company.  It really makes all the difference.  I'm also taking advantage of some peace and quiet in the redwoods before the season winds up.  I have to cherish this sedentary and settled moments because they don't happen too often.